AYM Yoga School/Ashram is one of the best yoga ashram in Rishikesh India for spiritual and yoga practice as located in the lap of foot hill of Mountain Himalayas and surrounded three sides by scenic beauty of small green hills. AYM Yoga Ashram is most peaceful as compared to other ashrams in Rishikesh with facilities perfect blend of modern and traditional, spiritual simplicity having facilities for comfortable stay, tasty Indian vegetarian meal, Ayurveda spa, yoga meditation classes and Wi-Fi.

Duration of Yoga/Spiritual program at Rishikesh Yoga Ashram:

  • <>One week
  • <>Two week
  • <>One month
  • <>One and half month
  • <>Two and half month

  • Program/events daily:

    6:00 wake up/chanting
    6:30 pranayama (breathing) and meditation
    8:00 tea
    8:15 Asana practice dynamic
    10:00 Breakfast
    11:00 lecture on yoga
    12:45 lunch
    1:30 karma yoga
    2:00 rest/self study
    3:30 lecture on yoga physiology
    5:00 Hatha yoga/static
    6:45 dinner
    7:30 self study/cultural program
    10:00 Light off/

    Schedule of one/two week yoga and meditation in Rishikesh India 2015, 15

    16 January 27 January 350 USD per week
    16 February 27 February 350 USD per week
    16 March 27 March 350 USD per week
    16 April 27 April 350 USD per week
    16 May 27 May 350 USD per week
    16 June 27 June 350 USD per week
    16 July 27 July 350 USD per week
    16 August 27 August 350 USD per week
    16 September 27 September 350 USD per week
    16 October 27 October 350 USD per week
    16 November 27 November 350 USD per week

    Price 350 USD includes:

  • One Ayurveda massage,
  • Trekking to waterfall,
  • Private Room with three meals and tea
  • One Yoga book

  • Not included

  • Airports pick- up (There will be extra 80 USD for airport pick up from Delhi).
  • Local transportation
  • Send us application form
  • Longer duration program:

  • One month or two month Yoga teacher training is a course, which is not only for teachers but also for any one who wants to learn yoga in depth and than to share it. Yoga TTC in AYM Yoga Ashram focus on various aspect of yoga including philosophy, anatomy and physiology, postures, breath control, meditation or spirituality to develop inner peace, health and happiness. Yoga teacher training courses at AYM Yoga Ashram in India are also good for keeping fit, healthy and young without wrinkles and with face-lift. Yoga develops balance in different systems of body and brings calmness and balanced mind result increasing wellbeing.

    How to Apply:

    Send us the application form to After approval from Ashram deposit $200 in advance for long term yoga courses through pay pal or bank transfer and 50 USD for one/two week yoga course. We will send you e-mail after receiving your advance fee to confirm your place in the program.

    Refund of advance deposit:

    We will not refund advance depositin any case if you not come due to any reason but we can consider you or your friend for next available date within one year.